From 1999 to 2003 Asuka went abroad Cuba to learn modern dance, Cuban folklore dance, choreography and teaching method in the National Dance School of Cuba.

May performed for The Port Program N○8 The fourth performance "Creation/Re-Creation" with Miyuki Akimoto, Hiromu Yamaguchi and Scott Jordan

April Performed  "Zero Hour Ⅱ" for Koto solo and Dance (2013~2014) Composition by Miyuki Akimoto at アツコバルー arts drinks talk

May "La folle journne japon 2014〜熱狂の日 performed for Shibusashirazu at Tokyo International Forum

 February perforned for "空アリマス"sora-arimasu lead by Emi Kishiyama at studio Iwato,Tokyo

May "La folle journne japon 2013 〜パリ至福の時〜L'heure exquise" performed for Shibusashirazu at Tokyo International Forum

performed ASUKA・J・ITAGAKI DANCE PROJECT"おわらないダンス” at     ESORABAKO,Tokyo

performed for Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra summer tour 2013
The Water Festival(Germany), The Cavea/Audtorium Parco della Musica(Italy), San Sebastian Jazz Festival(Spain), FMM Sines(Portugal), Glatt&Verkehr(Austria), Festival International de Piano La Roque d' Antheron(La R), Festival Les Escales(France), Festival Le Bout Du Monde(France), Tempo Rives(France), Les Cafes de I'Ete(France), Festival du Chant de Marin(France)

October performed for TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.8 "GAMA VI" lead by Pauchi Sasaki at tokyo wonder site

 March  performed for art event "HAGIENNALE" at Hagi-Sou,Tokyo
performed for HOTOTOGISU ART FESTIVAL  lead by Hiroe Morikawa at Densho Hall,Tokyo

April performed for project "+SILENCE" Improvised Performance lead by MUKAI Chie and NOBUNAGA Ken at NANAHARI,Tokyo

July "Atsukaze",performed for nenemu at sengawa theater,Tokyo


September "pinpin co x Itgagaki Asuka Dance and Live performance"at hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

December "描くとは、触れるに近く 踊るとは、今くり返される呼吸", performed at HAGISO,Tokyo

January "LIFE" performed for the Live concert with Hiroe Morikawa, Takaatsu Kinoshita at MURIWUI,Tokyo

performed own choreography "Sweet Wood" for YOKOHAMA DANCE COLLECTION EX2011 at Yokohama Red Brick Ware house No.1

April performed for the exhibition "ILLUSTRATORS"at HILLSIDE TERRACE,Tokyo

May "FACES BLANK", Performed for the DANCE COMPANY BABY-Q lead by Yoko Higashino
at shinagawa Rikkoukai,Tokyo

July "e KI setsu", performed at el Centro Fundación Telefónica Lima, Peru with Pauchi Sasaki.

September "OUTFLOWS",performed for Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers lead by Kakuya Ohashi at Komaba Agora Theater,Tokyo

November performed for  Abiko International Open-Air Art Exhibition 14th with JON(The dog)


January "po",performed for NENEMU at SESSION HOUSE ,Tokyo

Feburuary "舞湯会" performed for the art collaboration event lead by a cm. at TSUKINOYU ,Tokyo

May own choreography "MA・RI"
performed for sound+dance rolling live final at Art Live space-Special Colors,Tokyo

June"MA・RI -el segundo paso-" event activity at Rakudoan,Tokyo

July performed for the baobab LIVE at AOYAMA Spiral B1 EATS and MEETS Cay ,Tokyo

"Dance lighting workshop 2",performed for Butoh Kohzensha lead by YUKIO WAGURI at Nippori SUNNY HALL ,Tokyo

August "深緑の川ー川岸のあいだでー",performed for SHIZUKU in Dance Festival -Dance ga Mitai! 12 at d_souko,Tkyo

November performed for "Betty Bears' Cabaret vol.5" lead by Miho Somekawa at TERPSICHORE,Tokyo

December "肉体の迷宮"performance for WAGURI YUKIO+Butoh Kohzensha at SUNNY HALL,Tokyo


July Concert Friendship Music and Dance CUBA-JAPAN
perform for the Dance Company Narciso Medina at Theater AMERICA in CUBA-Habana

August performed for the Dance Company called "Corpus Spiritu Alma"lead by Tangin Fong

 "山谷川" performed for SHIZUKU at Kyea Ryong Mt. Festival in Korea
performed for the opening reception of exhibition "余韻/響き" at Hyun Gallery in Korea
文来洞Festival, performed for SHIZUKU with YUKIE SATO at Korea


January performed for the event, "chiekoSHOW" improvisation session -Live
painting by chieko

February "ESTACION" event activity
at RAKUDOAN with Pauchi&Nomi Sasaki

March "Ultimo tren" event activity
at RAKUDOAN with Pauchi&Nomi Sasaki

April "INFECTION", performed in SOUND+ DANCE ROLLING LIVE vol.17
at -Art Live space-Special Colors,tokyo with Tetsuro Konishi

May own choreography "Fe"
perform for 「encounter 〜Kataoka Akira's world x the spirited
dancers」meets・the・collaboration・series Vol.1
at Nippori SUNNY HALL

July "PITOPITORI",performed for Nenemu,at ASAHI ART SQUARE ,Tokyo

October  Colombia Japan 100 years of Friend ship , performed for the dance company COLEGIO DEL CUERPO(from Colombia)
presented at shinagawa Rikkoukai,Tokyo

December own choreography"SWEET WOOD"
performed for X'mas contemporary dance concert


February GETAO TAKAHASHI WITH LA FAMILIA LATINA "Challenging for the new generation of vocal group", performed as a singer, at Daikanyama CANDY, Tokyo

June Performed for the art exhibition "UITENPEN, the Installation and Dance", at HIGURE17-15 cas conptemporary art studio, Tokyo

September "Dance that draws primitiv circlur arc" performed for the memorial concert of the CD selling out, the album called "circle", at core Sekkyo, Yotsuya, Tokyo


January "MONAKA" the debut stage of dance unit called Nenemu, performed at Dance ga mitai, new faces 4, at Kagurazaka die pratze, Tokyo

September "Yuki Onna, SOREKARA" -reincarnation- performed for KURA naudo theatre play group, at Pook Puppet Theatre, Tokyo

December "US-SO" performed for Nenemu, at AZABU die pratze, Tokyo


January Own choreography, "MINNA GA UTA (Everybody songs)" performed in Dance Ga Mitai, New faces 3, at Kagurazaka die pratze, Tokyo

March "GESICHT UND GESCHICHTE" performed for the "Dance Company Nomade~s, Japan Tour" presented at YOKOHAMA DANCE COLLECTION, at WAREHOUSE Red Bricks, 3rd floor Hall, Yokohama

August "By the stone post" performed for SHIZUKU, the second presentation in the project titled, "YAN-SHU and Friends" of the Dance ga Mitai 7 International Dance Collaboration, at Kagurazaka die pratze, Tokyo

From 2004, Asuka worked as an assistant teacher of the Cuban dance master called Narciso Medina when he was invited to Japan.

April Performed for the event, 75th anniversary of the Japan-Cuba foreign affairs called "BARRIO CUBANO" , at EAST GALLERY EBISU, Tokyo

July "Falls", "Tsubakihime - yumiko" performed for The 6th Ballet fragrance of Yumiko Nakahara Ballet Company, at ART SPHERE, Tokyo

September "Falls", the second presentation for The 6th Ballet Festival of West Tokyo, at Lune Kodaira, Main Hall, Tokyo

"The last Inn -by the stone post-" performed for SHIZUKU for the Japan Foundation supported project called Japan Peru theatre collaboration, at Lima, Peru

October "By the stone post" performed by SHIZUKU for the INDABI2004, International Dance Biennale, at Incheon, Korea


Graduate the National Dance School of Cuba obtained its diploma. Trained dance from the Cuban dance masters, Tangin Fong Matos. She joined the Haitian folklore dance troop called Mysterio and performed at fire carnival in Santiago de Cuba in Cuba.

After she returned to Japan, joined Butoh unit called SHIZUKU lead by DAKEI

September "NAGARE TO YODOMI (Flow/Still) -when light falls between treetop and mist-" at Odette Hall , Morioka

December Own choreography, "Being free - there is free - stay free" for DANCE PATIO 1, at Sphremex, Tokyo

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